The Painter - Lyrics/Music

Peacock - Lyrics/Music

Mt. Paran Road - Lyrics/Music

I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley) - Music


The Fine Print/credit where credit is due:

All of the songs above were written by Dwight Raby with the exception of "I Shot the Sheriff" which was written by Bob Marley. All of the songs were recorded while we were a five piece known as kool'haus. The players in kool'haus were Dwight Raby (Vocals, Guitars), Brian Baker (Vocals, Guitars), Ernie Evalobo (Drums), Nick Baker (Percussion, Vocals), and Adam MacNeil (Electric Bass and Upright Bass). kool'haus is no longer together, but I am forever grateful to Brian, Ernie, Nick, and Adam for helping record these tracks and adding their unique flavor to everything we did. It was an awesome year. Thanks for everything.