Clay Cook - Allen's old gig, former John Mayer collaborator.

Main Street East - Allen's old gig and great Atlanta Band

Totally Savage - Dwight's old gig and great Atlanta Band

Gallery 150 - Allen's Art Gallery

Sugarland - Great country band

Jennifer Nettles Band - The reason Dwight started playing music seriously

Grassroots Atlanta - Local music agency and generally great guys. Home of Sam Thacker - This is how I found Ernie and kool'haus. Al just sort of kept following me around. - This is a great site about local music that doesn't get enough attention

Creative Loafing - THE alternative media in Atlanta. Great stuff on music and local politics.

Emory University - Dwight's day gig. Highly regarded teaching and research institution in Atlanta.

Galaxy Music - Great music store in Stone Mountain

Sam Thacker - Great singer songwriter from Emory. He may make a career out of this.

Always more to come