Dwight Raby

Dwight Raby has been a staple of the Atlanta music scene since arriving in 1996. He first picked up a guitar as a freshman in college at St. Lawrence University on the Canadian border in upstate New York. When he moved to Atlanta, he entered a few open mic nights, but didn't seriously begin pursuing music until 1999, when he joined the blues-rock quartet Totally Savage as lead singer. Dwight also played second guitar, and over time, he and lead guitarist Larry Savage developed a successful "yin-yang" approach to the two guitar line-up, with the mercurial Savage taking most of the leads and Dwight accenting.

Dwight left Totally Savage in 2002 to form his own band. Inspired by the jam bands of the 1970's and a local group called The Jennifer Nettles Band, Dwight formed a five piece band that eventually became known as kool'haus. kool'haus was successful on the club circuit for about a year, and was instrumental in Dwight coming out as a guitarist. He played lead guitar over acoustic guitarist Brian Baker's rhythm in most cases.

After the departure of bassist Adam MacNeil, kool'haus began to fall apart, so Dwight started up The Dwight Raby Band with good friend and kool'haus drummer Ernie Evalobo and accomplished Atlanta bassist Allen Rodgers. Dwight's rhythmic style, powerful vocal delivery, and introspective songwriting have made him popular both on the bar cicuit playing covers as well as on the club circuit with his original material.

Dwight musical tastes are eclectic. He cites Bill Withers and BB King as his major vocal inspirations. On guitar, he is influenced Duane Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy, Dave Matthews, and John Mayer. He enjoys covering tunes from artists as diverse as Sade, Robert Johnson, Herbie Hancock, Barenaked Ladies, and Edie Brickell.